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Help to Overcome Addiction

Help to Overcome Addiction

At Castle Health, we know that the recovery process is a lifetime commitment, and we are here to help you. Call us today to begin your journey back to sobriety.

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What We Treat

What We Treat

We strive to help people recover from drug addiction, alcohol addiction and prescription drug addiction, gambling and other addictions.

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Therapies We Work With

Therapies We Work With

Our therapists work with a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies including 12 Step therapy, CBT, EMDR, individual & group therapy, plus complementary therapies including equine therapy and art.

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Expert Clinical Team

Our clinical teams include renowned Consultant Psychiatrists from Scotland, England, Ireland and Sweden. Our inpatient clinics are staffed by 24/7 nursing teams and accredited psychotherapists who specialise in addiction treatment. We help patients achieve recovery by treating them with compassion and respect, and patient safety is paramount.

Professional Treatment Rehab Programmes

Addiction can be challenging for both patients and their families. At Castle Health we create tailored treatment programmes that include the 12 steps model, providing help for patients with addiction and their family members.

Decades of practical and professional experience help the medical team offer excellent services to all our patients. They utilise CBT and other psychotherapies to address the hidden causes of addiction and dual diagnosis. The holistic approach allows patients to heal at their own pace through detox, rehab, recovery, and aftercare.

Improving Overall Health

Physical well-being is an essential component that can help people recover mentally and emotionally from addiciton. At our residential facility in Ireland, patients can make use of our swimming pool and both Smarmore and Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland have gym facilities where patients can take private fitness sessions with our qualified personal trainers.

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Harmonising the Mind, Body, and Spirit

The holistic approach helps patients to release blocked feelings and emotions in a creative or relaxing way. At Castle Health we use complementary rehab therapies such as animal therapy, art therapy, and drumming to boost the immune system, increase confidence, and reduce the effects of stress.

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Beautiful Locations, Surrounded by Nature

From the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders to the green fields of County Louth in Ireland, at Castle Health clinics we provide all the necessary conditions for patients to recover in peaceful and natural settings.

The private estates of our residential rehab clinics mean that privacy and discretion are our top priority. These quiet relaxing settings allow for exercise, mindfulness and reflection, all of which benefit recovery.

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Confidential Phone Line

Asking for help when struggling with addiction can be difficult, but by doing so you start your journey back to sobriety. Castle Health treats each patient with compassion and respect. Call us on our helpline and our experienced admissions staff will listen to your questions and guide you to access the best treatment programme for you.

From the UK 0808 291 4592 International +44 1721 360 045

I’m 5 years sober now and I know I wouldn’t have survived another month before I joined the treatment programme. Castle Craig is an amazingly special place where miracles really do happen, I’m blessed to have found you. Thank you!

Experience Castle Health

At Castle Health, the professional staff strives to provide the best medical services, by respecting high standards of excellence. We create and work in an environment where patients are treated with care, empathy, and respect.

This international network of addiction centres is for people who want to improve their lives by achieving stable abstinence. Our staff is dedicated to empowering patients with addiction, so they can build a meaningful, sober, and healthy life.

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Our Story

Castle Health Group is an international network of addiction and mental health treatment centres and services with locations across the UK and Europe.

Castle Health is family-run, with compassion at the heart of our journey. With over 40 years of experience in the addiction recovery field, we have successfully assisted hundreds of people in overcoming addiction.

We address various addictions and co-occurring disorders, such as gambling addiction, gaming addiction, porn addiction and mental health conditions in our comprehensive addiction treatment programmes.

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