About Castle Health

Castle Health is an international network of addiction treatment centres with locations throughout the UK and Europe. Our world-renowned centres include both inpatient and outpatient facilities, each providing a tailored treatment programme to all of our patients.

With over 30 years of experience, we help people from all walks of life regain control of their lives from addiction. In addition to treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction, we provide help for those with behavioural addictions such as gambling, gaming and internet addictions. We also address co-occurring conditions, such as mental illnesses or eating disorders, via dual-diagnosis treatment.

At Castle Health, all of our patients receive both personal and group counselling, attend educational lectures, participate in numerous specialised and complementary therapies, and receive access to an extensive aftercare programme. We can also provide medically supervised detox at the start of treatment, if necessary.

People come to us for help from all over the world. With the aid of the EU Health Directive, European residents can apply for treatment at any of our facilities. Those outside of the EU are also welcome via medical insurance or private pay.

Our Mission Statement

“At Castle Health, we provide compassionate care to those suffering from alcoholism and other addictions, by treating the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the disease.

Castle Health and its staff are committed to offering skilled professional medical, nursing and therapeutic services to patients and their families.

We strive continually to demonstrate high standards of excellence, in the services we offer, to ensure that patients and their needs are at the centre of what we do and to create an environment where everyone is treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

Our staff is dedicated to assisting those who seek our help to achieve stable abstinence, empowering them, so they may enjoy a fulfilling, sober, meaningful and productive life in recovery.”

The Castle Health Approach

All of our treatment programmes are based on the 12-step philosophy. At Castle Health, we believe that recovery from addiction can only be achieved through abstinence. This approach has saved millions of people’s lives around the world. It is the same philosophy utilised by global addiction recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

The Castle Health Network – Our Locations

UK – Ireland – The Netherlands – Sweden -London 

Residential treatment is offered at our Scottish and Irish rehab centres. Scotland is also home to Castle Craig Recovery Gardens, our extended care facility and the Hyperbaric O2 Therapy centre.

Outpatient programmes are available in London and in three cities within the Netherlands including Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. We also have an outpatient centre in Stockholm, Sweden. As our network continues to grow, we expect to open additional centres across the globe.

Our staff and specialists

  • The Castle Health team of professionals are dedicated to helping patients overcome addictive habits. Patients are welcomed in a safe and substance-free environment where the profound healing process can unfold.
  • At our clinic, people with addiction manage to regain control of their lives and learn to use healthy coping skills for a more meaningful and happy life.
  • Our international specialists come from different countries such as Germany, Romania, UK, The Netherlands, Poland, and the US. 

Our team of professionals include:

  • Castle Health Director
  • Consultant Psychiatrists
  • Certified Addiction Therapists
  • Resident Doctors
  • Nursing Team
  • Other permanent and consulting staff 

Learn more about our medical team and meet them for professional and confidential guidance. Contact us today!

Regardless of the location, every patient is taken care of from day one. Our hope is that everyone who walks in through our doors will never go back down the road of addiction again.

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Are you currently struggling with addiction? Do you need professional help? By visiting our rehab facility, where tailored treatment plans are offered, you’ll have an opportunity to recover both physically and psychologically.

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To enrol in one of our rehab programmes, all you need to do is complete an initial screening with one of our trained specialists. This includes a preliminary assessment, helping to determine the severity of your dependence, along with your current mental and physical health condition. This may also include identifying the proper treatment centre to respect your personal needs and recovery goals.

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