Making a patient referral to Castle Health is a straightforward, safe and easy process. Our experienced admissions staff are available to help you with any questions throughout the entire admission process.  

We are committed to providing the highest quality medical and therapeutic care to our patients from the pre-admission stage through to discharge. 

The first step in any admission is the gathering of all relevant medical information about the prospective patient’s current condition. To this end, we usually request a referral letter from the patient’s family doctor (GP). 

One of our Consultant Psychiatrists will then consult with the patient, as well any other third-party medical professionals or private counsellors that have been involved in the patient’s treatment. They will then do a thorough examination of the patient’s case. 

Our goal is to comprehensively assess complex cases and provide the best treatment option tailored for each patient’s needs. To this end, we conduct a pre-admission assessment to determine the patient’s suitability for treatment. During this assessment, we look at the patient’s detoxification needs, their chemical use history and any related mental health problems – like dual diagnosis.   

Overall responsibility for admissions rests with our Medical Director or one of our Consultant Psychiatrists.

Referral to our inpatient or outpatient services

There are several ways through which patients can be referred to treatment for addictions with Castle Health:

  • For private patients who want to cover treatment costs privately, our admission consultants will request a letter of referral and all the relevant written medical history from the patient’s GP. We also accept self-referrals, referrals from family, employers or other medical and counselling professionals, as well as substance misuse agencies.
  • Patients who need admission through the NHS, will first need to be referred by their family doctor to your local addiction services – who can then refer you to on of our clinics for treatment.
  • Patients with private medical insurance need to first check if their insurance covers residential addiction treatment. We work with many healthcare insurance companies from around the world (e.g: BUPA, CIGNA, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coventry Health Care, AXA Health, JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of the European Union) and can arrange quick admission. We will request a referral from your GP and your insurance number and then we can liaise with your insurance provider and arrange a quick admission. 

Contact us directly and we will assist with applications for funding from your insurance company.