We collaborate well and encourage working with third-party referrers such as doctors, clinics, psychologists and other referring practitioners. A residential rehab treatment centre like one of Castle Health’s inpatient programmes is the best option for long-term treatment that ensures the patient’s lifelong abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

We provide access to 24-7 medical care, medically-managed detox and a daily routine of individual and group psychotherapy sessions. 

If you are a medical doctor, therapist, psychologist, clinical care staff member or any other referring practitioner and know someone who might benefit from long-term addiction recovery treatment, contact us with any questions.

Based on our vast experience so far, the types of people who benefit from our treatment include:

  • Patients who want to achieve long-lasting recovery in a safe, drug-free environment;
  • Patients who relapsed several times before and therefore need specialised medical care and long-term therapy;
  • Patients who would benefit from intensive long-term treatment in a supportive community; 
  • Patients who suffer from dual-diagnosis issues such as PTSD, eating disorders, depression, personality disorders;
  • Patients who experience liver disease or other medical complications that require 24/7 medical supervision and specialised detox;
  • People who live in a dangerous community where they cannot escape the peer-groups’s unhealthy influences;
  • People who need to strengthen their relapse-prevention skills for a successful reintegration in their daily life.

If you are a medical professional and would like to refer a patient to treatment at one of  Castle Health’s programmes, please contact our admissions staff. They will liaise with you to collect all relevant information on behalf of our Consultant Psychiatrists. They are trained to answer any questions you have about our treatment programme and the referral process.

After referral, we will constantly liaise with any referring professionals during the admissions process, during treatment to inform about the patient’s progress and after discharge for the patient’s continuing care recommendations and life-long recovery.

Admissions for inpatient will generally occur between 9am and 3pm on a working day. Monday to Thursday are preferred admission days, although we can start to arrange an admission at any time. 

Contact us now for professional referral to the long-term addiction treatment programme at Castle Health.