Admission to a Castle Health clinic

Starting treatment is a big decision, but it is a wise decision. You have come a long way to accept your addiction and seek professional help. Whether you have already been through a short primary treatment programme or are starting treatment with one of our Castle Health programmes, you are taking positive steps to get your life back on track. 

At our Castle Health inpatient and outpatient programmes the atmosphere is positive, respectful and calm. Our beautiful clinics give our patients time to recover at their own rate with the help of intensive group and individual therapy. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, think about how long you have been using drugs or alcohol for, and imagine how long it could take your body and mind to fully recover from these effects. An extended rehab treatment programme is the safest place to be, to fully recover and minimise the chances of relapse.

Joining our world-renowned programme for addictions

At Castle Health you have 3 options of gaining access to our treatment programme:

Private Admission

We can help guide you through the process of paying privately for you treatment. We receive private paying patients from all over the world. Call our admissions department and they will be happy to advise you on the different payment options and the steps to take. We can usually arrange a private admission within 24 hours.

Private Health Insurance

Residential rehab treatment is usually covered by major health insurers. Treatment at one of our addiction clinics, Castle Craig for example, is covered by companies such as BUPA, AXA Health, CIGNA, Aetna, JSIS, GeoBlue, Aviva, Coventry Health Care and others. 

These insurers often only cover the first 28 days of treatment and so it is important to call your insurer and find out if your health insurance plan covers you for any longer length residential rehab treatment.

NHS Admissions

Some Castle Health residential programs are contracted to the NHS to provide treatment, so if you are from the UK, you can apply for NHS funding for your residential rehab treatment.

There are several steps to take in this process: 

  1. Speak to your GP or your local addiction recovery services (such as social work departments or clinical commissioning groups) 
  2. Ask for information on accessing residential rehab treatment and applying for funding. 
  3. The NHS can cover treatment for an extended period of time.
  4. Our specialists  work closely with NHS Consultants and GPs, social services and local drug and alcohol addiction services to ensure a joined-up approach to treatment. 

Admission into Addiction Treatment

To ensure that patients feel safe on their journey to recovery, Castle Health offers an addiction assessment with one of our addiction rehab specialists to develop an understanding of the path that they will be taking towards rehabilitation and sobriety. Castle Health inpatient programmes also offers support during the withdrawal detoxification process for addiction.

Improving Outcomes

The longer a patient stays in addiction treatment, the better the outcome for abstinence, as well as overall physical and mental improvements. Three months is now referred to as the “gold standard” of treatment.

Our 5 week Advanced Treatment programme is open to anyone who has been through a 4-6 week, 12 Step based rehab treatment programme.

Patients Coming from Castle Craig

Patients coming from the primary residential treatment programme in Castle Health, Castle Craig or Smarmore, receive a recommendation from our Consultant Psychiatrist for second-stage treatment based on their individual progress in their personal treatment plan.

Patients Coming from External Referrers

Patients that have been referred into rehab treatment by external parties will be guided by our admission consultants. Our admissions team will work with you over the phone to gather all the medical information necessary to complete the admission. 

Call us for Admissions Information

If you have any other questions about treatment options, funding or the admission process at Castle Health, please contact our Help desk: 0808 291 4592.