Once you have decided to seek treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, choosing a qualified rehab programme becomes the most important step. Common options include outpatient and inpatient treatment, residential treatment and recovery housing. There are considerable differences between these and identifying the right option depends highly on the patient’s individual needs.

The most suitable rehab option depends on the type of addiction, the patient’s lifestyle, the patient’s needs and any other medical issues he or she may be experiencing in the present or has experienced in the past. In general, the most suitable rehab option for any patient is a tailored one that fits individual needs while focusing not only on addiction treatment but also on the patient’s overall psychological well-being.  

12-step programs, as well as the popular 30-day programs, are often cited when talking about rehab options and addiction treatment. However, in our experience, a specialised treatment plan that includes both the detox phase and addiction therapies is often the best solution for our patients. This means that long-term treatment stays, such as the 90-day residential programme we offer at Castle Health, consolidates all aspects of recovery and leads to the greatest level of long-term recovery for patients.

A comprehensive residential addiction treatment programme can last between four to six weeks. In residential rehab, patients can expect to be presented with a complex programme that will include both the initial detox phase, as well as specialised and complementary therapies, followed by an individualised aftercare plan. For example, the aftercare programme we offer at Castle Health lasts for two years and includes regular group sessions and check-ups for our patients. 

Our approach is holistic and we treat the patient as a whole, which means that we not only focus on the specifics of their substance abuse, but also on all other areas of their mental, physical and social life that might have been affected by their addiction. While the main goal is to help our patients achieve long-term recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, we also help them overcome other existing mental health issues and the underlying causes that contributed to the onset of their substance misuse. 

Patients may be struggling with anxiety and depression or post-traumatic stress, all of which need to be understood and treated separately from the addiction itself. A successful personalised recovery plan is one that allows the patient to recover both from the physical addiction and the mental distress experienced over the years.

The residential addiction treatment programmes with Castle Health are all-inclusive. We are qualified to provide the necessary medical and therapeutic services for both primary and secondary-stage treatment. This includes: medically supervised detox (along with an assessment from a Consultant Psychiatrist), a personalised treatment plan of residential care, specialised addiction therapies (such as trauma therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, grief therapy), complementary therapies (mindfulness, equine therapy, art therapy) and a 2-year long-term continuing care.

At Castle Health residential facilities, we have a patient-tailored approach to recovering from addiction. Our specialised medical staff supervises the patient’s full detox. At the same time, the patient is supported to deal with their mental health conditions – such as depression, anxiety, grief or even post-traumatic stress – during individual and group therapy sessions. Our blend of therapies is meant to improve the patient’s overall wellbeing and help them set their course on a new, healthy and addiction-free life. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction recovery and this is well understood by our physicians and therapists. Patients can rest assured that they are welcomed into our recovery centre and treated with genuine care, at the same time benefiting from substantially lower costs for rehab options compared to competitor treatment centres. 

A fully personalised rehab plan is usually the best solution in treating the complex illness of addiction. Our assessment process encourages a complete approach, focused both on addiction treatment and on individual needs. If you are ready to seek professional help for addiction, contact us with any questions.

Our Castle Health specialist team provides quick assessments and admissions during which we will determine the most suitable rehab treatment plan to suit your needs. 

We are ready to answer any questions on how to get referred to our centre, how to access treatment and funding with us. You can always reach out to us for more information on how we treat addiction and our specialised drug and alcohol addiction treatment plans.