Castle Health has an extensive network of both inpatient and outpatient centres throughout the UK and Europe. All of our locations treat drug and alcohol addiction and work with clients who have behavioural addictions and dual diagnoses as well. 

Castle Craig Hospital


Castle Craig rehab from the outside on a sunny day

Situated in 50 acres of land amid the rolling hills of the picturesque southern Scottish countryside, Castle Craig Hospital is our primary residential treatment clinic.

Castle Craig Hospital has a high success rate thanks to its intensive treatment approach, combining the 12 Step philosophy with CBT. In addition to specialised addictions therapies, we offer a variety of complementary therapies. Castle Craig residential rehab offers detoxification from all drugs, combining Consultant Psychiatrist assessments and diagnosis with expert nursing care and 24/7 medical cover.

This 39 bed treatment clinic is within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Newcastle.

Recovery Gardens

Recovery Gardens offers an extended treatment programme, for people who have completed at least 4 weeks in a primary, intensive rehab programme. Situated on the Castle Craig Estate, residents live in groups in small cottages with access to the 50 acre estate, a gym, full catering, and an extensive therapeutic programme. 

Recovery Gardens features a specialised female-only Serenity Unit, which addresses problems unique to women dealing with addiction.

Smarmore Castle

Smarmore Castle is Castle Health’s Irish residential rehab centre, located in County Louth, an hour from Dublin. With 29 beds, Smarmore Castle offers an intimate atmosphere in which to recover. Consultant Psychiatrist-led medical detoxification, round-the-clock medical care, an intensive therapy programme and dual-diagnosis treatment ensure the programme meets the Castle Health standards of care.

This private treatment clinic features an extensive wellness centre, which includes a swimming pool, gym, sauna, and steam room.

Castle Craig Sweden – Stockholm beroendeklinik

Launched in 2021, our Stockholm branch specialises in outpatient treatment, continuing care and support for loved ones. Currently, this is the only private clinic in Sweden that offers dual-diagnosis treatment. 

All clients are also invited to join in on regular lectures and educational programs, which are held in the evenings. Referrals to Castle Health’s inpatient programmes are available from this location after assessment and intake and can be combined with an outpatient programme.

CATCH Recovery, London

Our London addiction centre helps clients to overcome their addiction, following the detoxification process and attending group and individual therapy sessions. The rehabilitation process at CATCH Recovery is designed to respect the 12 Step treatment model. This treatment model follows a set of strategies and principles that help clients to focus on sobriety, recovery goals, and developing healthy coping skills. 

The CATCH Recovery team of specialists is committed to creating a personalised addiction recovery programme plan depending on the individual needs of each patient.

If you or someone that you love is living with addiction, the first step toward recovery is to ask for professional help. Our experienced staff helps clients begin the recovery process while offering support and the necessary life skills to better cope with stressful situations and avoid relapse triggers.

Castle Craig Netherlands – The Hague

The Hague branch of Castle Craig Netherlands is an outpatient treatment centre offering day treatment plans and an evening programme for those in continuing care. It is our first outpatient clinic in the country. Conveniently located near the city centre, the facility boasts a specialist team of psychiatrists and addiction therapists, as well as a medical director on site.

Dual-diagnosis, outpatient detox, and family support services are also available at The Hague clinic. Clinical detoxification can be arranged at one of our partner locations.

Castle Craig Netherlands – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to our largest outpatient treatment centre in the Netherlands. In addition to day treatment, there is an evening therapy group for post-rehab outpatients and a monthly family therapy workshop.

The day treatment programme is limited to a small group of 6-12 people to ensure all clients receive close care. It runs four days a week for half a day and includes both individual and group therapy.

Castle Craig Netherlands – Rotterdam

The Rotterdam branch is the newest addition to the Castle Craig Netherlands family. Recently opened in January 2020, it extends the same quality and care as our other outpatient locations, including a day programme.

Addiction treatment at Rotterdam is based on the 12 steps, CBT, and motivational interviewing. Both one-on-one and group therapy sessions are available. Clients can also be referred to our inpatient centres for further treatment.