Detox and medical care

Detox is the first stage in any residential rehab treatment programme. Detox consists of all the necessary medical therapies that help patients through the withdrawal phase by safely removing the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. It is strongly recommended that detox take place under the supervision of medical care. 

Detox in Extended Treatment

Castle Health patients in extended treatment are usually in second-stage addiction treatment, which means that they have already been safely detoxed. 

However, some patients that are suffering from alcohol, prescription or opiate  addiction might need a longer detox treatment plan. At Castle Health we are prepared to medically manage withdrawal symptoms that take several weeks at our Scottish and Irish inpatient centres which are equipped to continue detox – while providing patients in long-term treatment with ongoing support and coping skills to manage the longer term effects of withdrawal. 

Each patient is continually supervised by our team of Consultant Psychiatrists that prescribe individualised detoxification plans to cover the patient’s personalised needs. Detox is medically managed with 24/7 care by our staff of experienced nurses who make sure that the patient is safely and comfortably recovering from the withdrawal effects of alcohol or drug abuse.

All patients are closely monitored throughout the withdrawal process and their detoxification care plan is reviewed several times a day. One of the benefits of our programme is that a specialist doctor is exclusively available onsite, 24/7 and qualified to manage emergency cases.

Medical Care

Castle Health inpatient centres provide nursing care and medical coverage. We have medical centres on-site, very closely located next to the patient houses and contactable by a direct telephone line installed in each house.

Our medical centre is staffed by highly-trained nurses, a medical doctor and a team of specialised Consultant Psychiatrists, headed by our Medical Director, Professor Jonathan Chick. 

Patients are encouraged to ask for support at any time during the treatment programme. Our nursing staff and therapists are happy to answer any questions and consult within our multi-disciplinary team of addiction treatment specialists in order to provide the best treatment for all our patients. 

Medical Assessment for External Referrals to Long-Term Treatment at Castle Health

Each patient who is referred to us from another primary care treatment centre or requests private admission into our long-term addiction recovery programme receives a detailed medical and psychiatric assessment by our Consultant Psychiatrist and clinicians. 

Our specialised addiction treatment team will carry out the following steps:

  • Conduct a full, comprehensive assessment for mental and physical health ;
  • Take a detailed medical history;
  • Conduct blood tests and laboratory screenings to determine any detox needs.

The Consultant Psychiatrist assesses detoxification requirements, determines the patient’s physical and mental state, and evaluates prescription needs. The result of this detailed assessment is an individualised treatment programme, tailored to the patient’s personalised needs.  

Castle Health is committed to providing the best care for each patient. We  work with the family, spouse or work colleagues during the detox  stage to obtain background information about the addiction in order to provide the best treatment for the patient. The medical team discusses individual cases as a group so that patients benefit from the medical and therapeutic expertise of the entire team and get more than one medical opinion over the course of their treatment.